"Programme. Royal Albert Hall, London. London Ballad Concerts, 49th Season. Saturday 13th March [1915] at 3:00 pm." [2008.173]
Programme. Royal Albert Hall, London. London Ballad Concerts, 49th Season. Saturday 13th March [1915] at 3:00 pm.
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Bequeathed by Norman McCann, 1999
Programme. Royal Albert Hall, London. London Ballad Concerts. Saturday 13th March [1915] at 3:00 pm. 'Last concert of the season', 49th season. The year of the concert is not printed on the concert; however, the 49th season ran from 1914-1915, therefore the concert would have taken place in 1915.

The performers are listed on the front of the programme: 'Artistes' - Miss Carrie Tubb; Miss Flora Woodman; Miss Phyllis Lett; Miss Mabel Mann; Mr John Coates; Mr Philip Ritte; Mr Harry Dearth; Mr Topliss Green; 'Solo violoncello' - Mr W.H. Squire; The Westminster Singers; 'Accompanists' - Mr S. Liddle and Mr F.A. Sewell.


Solo, organ (Frederic Augustus Sewell)
Song, 'Nirvana' (Philip Ritte) - Stephen Adams
Songs (Carrie Tubb)
a) 'Timothy' - Harold Craxton
b) 'When he who adores thee' - arranged by Herbert Hughes
Soli, violoncelli (William Henry Squire)
a) Andante in E flat - Joseph Haydn
b) Rondo - Luigi Boccherini
Song, 'God is our refuge' (Phyllis Lett) - Lewis Carey
Vocal waltz, 'Arion' (Westminster Singers) - Vogel Friedrich Wilhelm Ferdinand Vogel
New song, 'Susan' (Harry Dearth) - William Henry Squire
Song, 'Speak music' (John Coates) - Edward Elgar
Song, 'Somebody's coming to-day' (Flora Woodman) - Olive Turner
Song, 'Drake's drum' (Topliss Green) - Charles Villiers Stanford
Song, 'The hills of Donegal' (Mabel Mann) - Wilfrid Sanderson
Duet, 'It was a lover and his lass' (Phyllis Lett and Topliss Green) - Richard Henry Walthew

- Interval (15 minutes) -

Humorous quartet, 'The eclipse' (Westminster Singers) - Walter Hedgcock
New song, 'Love's melody' (Philip Ritte) - Herbert Oliver
New song, 'Woodland voices' (Carrie Tubb) - Arthur Godfrey
Solo, violoncello, 'Musette' (W.H. Squire) - Jacques Offenbach
Song, 'Ben, the bo'sun' (Harry Dearth) - Stephen Adams
Songs (Phyllis Lett)
a) 'Ships that pass in the night' - T.W. Stephenson
b) The year's at the spring - H.H.A. Beach
Song, 'Ninetta' (John Coates) - Alfred Herbert Brewer
New song, 'Buttercup time' (Flora Woodman) - Percy Bowie
Song, 'Kitty' (Percy E. Fletcher) - Topliss Green
Song, 'Supposin' ' (Mabel Mann) - Joan Trevalsa
Part-song, 'Lady-bird' (Westminster Singers) - Frederic Hymen Cowen

Ticket prices: Amphitheatre Stalls (reserved), 4s; Arena (reserved), 3s; Balcony (unreserved), 2s and Orchestra, 1s; Boxes, £2 2s and £1 1s. Ticket sellers: Royal Albert Hall Ticket Office; Boosey and Company's London Ballad Concert Office; plus '...the usual agents'. Concert directors: Messrs. Boosey and Company.

The doors opened at 2 pm. Piano: Steinway Grand Pianofortes.
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