"Archive: Photograph of the original organ, Duke's Hall, Royal Academy of Music, London, 1912" [2003.128], Corbett, Alexander
Archive: Photograph of the original organ, Duke's Hall, Royal Academy of Music, London, 1912
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Archive: Original black and white photograph of the Duke's Hall organ, 1912. Norman and Beard. Photograph by Alexander Corbett, Baker Street.
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Corbett, Alexander photographer
Date made
Donated by Thomas Threlfall, Chairman of the Royal Academy of Music, or Mrs Threlfall in his memory.

By Norman and Beard.

Description: Double Diapason, 16 feet; Open Diapason (small) 8 feet; Open Diapason (large) 8 feet; Claribel Flute 8 feet; Principal 4 feet; Flute harmonique 4 feet; Super-octave 2 feet; Sesquialtera (prepared for) Tromba 8 feet.

Swell organ: Lieblich Bourdon 16 feet; Open Diapason 8 feet; Vox Angelica 8 feet; Salicional 8 feet; Lieblich Gedackt 8 feet; Gemshorn 4 feet; Mixture; Cornopean 8 feet; Hautboy 8 feet; Vox Humana 8 feet; Tremulant.

Choir organ: Gamba 8 feet; Dulciana 8 feet; Lieblich Gedackt 8 feet; Flute Harmonique 4 feet; Piccolo 2 feet; Corno di Basetto,8 feet
Pedal organ: CCC to G - 32 notes. Open Diapason 16 feet; Bourdon 16 feet; Octave 8 feet; Bass Flute 8 feet; Ophicleide 16 feet. Four pistons to each manual

Couplers: Great to Peaals; Swell to Pedals; Choir to Pedals; Swell to Great; Choir to Great; Swell Octave

Four composition pedals; Great, Swell and Choir pistons to these. Piston and Pedal for attaching and detaching Great to Pedals Coupler.

(Reference Royal Academy of Music Magazine No 1, 1900).

Opened on 25th January 1900, the performers all being professors - Henry R. Rose, Edwin Lemare, H.W. Richards and W.S. Hoyte.

The organ was dismantled and installed at the Church of the Five Blessed Wounds, Harlesden, c.1991
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photograph 370 460
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