"Prize board, Gilbert Betjemann Prize, Royal Academy of Music, 1897-47 (Board 1/2)" [2003.1167]
Prize board, Gilbert Betjemann Prize, Royal Academy of Music, 1897-47 (Board 1/2)
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Prize board, Gilbert Betjemann Prize, Royal Academy of Music, 1897-47 (Board 1/2). RAM Prize board, Gilbert R. Betjemann Prize 1948-63.

This Memorial Prize for operatic singing was founded at the Royal Academy of Music in 1897 by the late G.H. Betjemann HonRAM in memory of his son Gilbert Richard Betjemann, student, sub-professor and Associate of the RAM. In a prize book of 1948 it is described thus: 'A Gold Medal of the value of £9.10s 0d is competed for annually in Midsummer Term by Male and Female Students who, having obtained a Silver Medal, give the best rendering of an Operatic Scena or other Dramatic or Operatic Solo. When deemed desirable, it is in the discretion of the Committee of Management to limit the Competition to Members of the Operatic Class.' The prize continues today.

The winners for the above period were: Isabel E. Jay 1897; R. Whitworth Milton 1898; Ethel Wood 1899, Ernest Torrence 1900; Edward F. Barrow 1901, Edith C. Patching 1902; W. Daniel Richards 1903; Ida Kahn 1904; Edith Henrietta Coish 1905; David Evans 1906; Cecil Pearson 1907; Mary Fielding 1908; Margaret Ismay 1909; William J. Samuell 1910; Olive Turner 1911; Lily M. Fairney 1912; Eleanor Evans 1914; Katharine Dyer 1915; William A. Michael 1916; Marjorie A. Perkins 1917; Bessie Kerr 1918; Leonard F. Hubbard 1919; Gladys Rolfe 1920; Ella R. Frank 1921; Garda Hall 1923; Roy Henderson 1924; Vera Kneebone 1925; Arthur Fear 1926; Bruce Anderson 1927; Lesley Duff 1928; Freda Townson 1929; Edgar Elmes 1930; Grace Reynolds 1931; Gwendolene Embley 1932; Gordon Macdonald 1933; Janet Hamilton-Smith 1934; Harold Child 1935; Megan Pentrhon-Jones 1936; E. Muriel Hill 1937; Roderick Jones 1938; Scott Joynt 1939; Joan Taylor 1940; Clement Hardman 1941; Estelle Applin 1942; Constance Shacklock 1943; Ethel Lyon 1944; Diana Vernon 1945; Jennifer Vyvyan 1946 and Marjorie Davies 1947.

Wooden commemorative panel.
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